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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eels...snakes of the sea

I went fishing tonight! It was fun! I mean all I reeled in was an eel and a blue crab, but I enjoy fishing! And tonight was so perfect! There was a nice breeze coming off the water and it was nice and quiet and peaceful! There is nothing I like better than the smell of the water! And it doesn't matter what kind of water, the ocean, a river, a lake, whatever...they all smell different but they all smell so good to me!

So I reeled in an eel...lol...The friend I was with got a pair of pliers to take the hook out. He needed me to hold on to the eel, with a towel of course, while he pulled the hook out. He was holding the fishing line with one hand, which is why he needed me to hold the eel.

So I grabbed the towel and walked over, I was saying over and over in my head...It's a fish, it's a fish, it's a fish, it's a fish...I wrapped the towel around his body and grabbed him. That's when his body started moving, he was flipping the tail end of his body and his head back and forth, fighting my grip. It was too much for me. His body and the way he was moving just reminded me of a snake! Totally! I freaked out and let go and did my hibby jibby dance! I couldn't do it, I couldn't hold him! He was just too much like a snake! LOL!

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