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Saturday, June 19, 2010

And I thought I was tough...

I have to write about this! Toy Story 3...I went to the theater with Cade, Kai felt that he was too old to go see the move, expecting a funny Disney movie. Now Disney movies are known to be sad because it seems like the movies always start with some kind of death of a parent. But not Toy Story, it's funny! And the movie was funny! But man, they made the ending of that movie like I can't even explain. Well lets put it this way, no movie has EVER made me cry like I was crying. I'm not talking about a tear or two escaping the corner of my eye...I was ugly crying, minus the sounds...I was so embarrassed that I was crying like that, that it took everything I had to keep in the sounds I probably would have been making if I were alone in my house!

At first I thought that maybe it was a girl thing. But I was with three other girls and not one of them was crying and one was pregnant! Then I thought it was a mom thing. I mean the movie is about Andy going off to college. Change, things coming to an end, saying goodbye. That's enough to make any mom cry. But after the movie was over and I left, I called a friend of mine to tell her how the movie was because she wanted to know. Turns out that her 15 year old daughter Ashley and Ashley's friend saw the movie and cried as well. So it can't just be a mom thing. But I think those two 15 year old girls and myself have something in common....

First of all Kai is 12. When the first one came out Kai wasn't even born yet and I hadn't ever seen the movie. But when you have kids you are suddenly into movies like Toy Story. And Kai loved that movie when he was little! We watched it many times! And we watched the second one as well. So for Kai to be too old for Toy Story 3 and for the movie itself to be about Andy going off to college, well it hits close to home for me! On top of that, over the last year or so, I've gotten rid of almost all of Kai's toys because he doesn't play with toys anymore. So that hit even closer to home for me. While Kai isn't running off to college next week, well lets just say I'll blink about one more time and he will be.

Those 15 year old girls were probably emotional about it because it's not too long before they too will be leaving...and it wasn't so long ago that they too packed up their own toys and sent them away. So I think it hit home for them as well.

God knows I've been through more than my fair share of change this last year, well two years really. So you'd think I would have been able to handle myself without crying, especially considering how cynical I think I've become...but no! I was sobbing! There were a couple of times where I was crying so hard and I was thinking of how funny it was that I was crying that hard at Toy Story of all movies! I literally had to hold back not only my sobbing sounds, but my need to bust out laughing at myself over the whole situation. Because if I had just let loose and busted out laughing while crying that hard, I probably would have not only looked crazy, but it wouldn't have sounded like laughter, it probably would have sounded like a monster escaped Buzz's home planet.

I have never in my life cried and wanted to laugh like that all at once! I guess it's good that I can at least laugh at myself! I was totally not expecting that! But it made me feel better when Kristina, one of the girls I work with, told me that her mom cried her eyes out during the movie too! So it must be a mom thing, especially moms who have gone through or going through the process of saying goodbye!

There was a scene in the movie where the little green army men are leaving and Woody is asking them where they are going. They said they were leaving because the little green army men are always the first thing thrown away...Oh my gosh that is so true! I can't even tell you how many of those things I threw away when I was sorting through and getting rid of Kai's toys. But I will tell you this much, many of Kai's toys have found a new home With Cade! Including a gigantic collection of Rescue Heroes!

Oh what a movie!

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