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Saturday, August 7, 2010

5 Pounds!

Well it's about time I got back to the true reason for this blog! My adventures as a single mom! And what better way to do that then the story I am about to tell!

I am sick today. I'm not sure with what, but I will tell you I have a fever and a headache and I feel horrible! So I was laying on the couch watching a movie. I had asked Kai to keep Cade occupied so that I might have a bit of peace since I felt so horrible. Kai and Cade were in Kai's room along with their cousin Noah watching tv. Or so I thought!

Kai comes walking into the kitchen and says mom is that baby powder all over the floor. I look over at him and I said I don't know, I can't see. He was standing there with this odd look on his face, expecting me to jump up and react. I was not in a hurry to drag myself away from the couch. Slowly but surely I did. As I was walking from the big couch to the kitchen I notice that my love seat and ottoman combo were dusted in a white powder. Dusted in a way that would look as if a small person such as Cade had climbed on the couch and was covered in something that was obviously left behind. So as I turn the corner and walk into the kitchen I took in a deep breath, a gasp if you will, at the site before my eyes.

There was a white powder spread all over the right side of my kitchen, in front of the island and along one side in front of the refrigerator. Not just spread, but thick clumps of it. I could not figure out what on earth Cade managed to get a hold of. Then I realized it was flour. Now what is most perplexing is how he got it out of the Tupperware container it was in. I had left the flour in the bag and just slipped the bag into a Tupperware brand canister specifically meant for flour. Tupperware is known for it's tight seal and it does take a bit of force to get that lid off. But some how Cade managed to removed the lid and dump 5 pounds of flour over a large area.

So I'm standing there, with a headache, pretty mad at the two year old who has now caused me to drag my butt off the couch, realizing I was going to have to clean that mess up! Kai said, "what did you do that for Cade?" and I tell Kai, "because he is two and wasn't being supervised!" I later realized that Kai had turned on the Xbox instead of watching a movie and so Cade grew bored and wondered into the kitchen and ultimately into the pantry on an apparent exploration.

So Kai grabbed the broom and I grabbed the dust pan and a hand held broom. Kai swept it into a large pile and used the dust pan to shovel it into the trash can. My floor now has to be mopped, but that can wait because now my headache is worse! I must add that the cat is covered in flour as well, I can only imagine that Cade some how is responsible for that...and there are white foot prints around the kitchen floor from the cat...sigh

And that is why a two year should never be left unattended! Of course I was in the next room and didn't hear a thing...he was very quiet! But when mommy is sick I guess it happens!

UPDATE: I found out today (08/09/10) that I had/have mono, no wonder I didn't feel good!

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