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Friday, November 5, 2010

Kai's 6th grade band demo

Kai had a demonstration band concert. It was just the sixth grade and a kind of show and tell of what and how they are learning to play. So here are some very short video clips from the demonstration.

Now fortunately for me video 7 corrupted and doesn't work! Because Mr. Lopez the band director said okay now we are going to play hot cross buns. So the students picked up their instruments like they were going to play and then stopped and handed the parent sitting next to them (ie ME!) their instrument. I had my camera ready to record Kai when all of this happened and Kai said, hand me the camera, I'm going to record you now! So Mr. Lopez announced that the students had 5 minutes to teach their parent how to play the song. Well, I learned the notes, there were only three with that particular song, but I have NEVER played an instrument in my life...well there was the recorder in 5th grade...but I'm not so much a baritone kind of girl! I guess I did ok, but that video didn't record! something happened and it disappeared and not as a result of something I did!

After the concert I took Kai out to dinner at Red Robins. We haven't had an mommy and me time in a while...I don't think Kai would like me to say mommy and me time! But the last couple of weeks, since Cade's surgery, and his hospital stay because he was dehydrated, well it's been all Cade all day, every day! But Cade is finally better, definitely feeling the best he's felt in the last two weeks since his surgery. So I didn't feel so bad leaving him behind with his dad while I treated Kai to dinner and an ice cream sundae.

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